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Are you a designer, marketer, or production manager and want to become a certified print expert?
Bring your team in for HQP Bootcamp!

HQP Printing Bootcamp is a flexible and customizable 1-day training session for small or medium sized groups of designers, marketers, creatives and even for procurement teams. Anyone involved in the print production process at your company needs to learn the ins-and-outs of how things are made. This will inspire design to new possibilities, train on timing and pricing for more accurate specifications and budgeting, along with team building for a fun and educational day outside the office. Haig’s Quality Printing prioritizes education and skill building for its employees, it’s time for you and your team to learn from the experts too.

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Print Educational on History & Technology
Live Workshop - Step-by-Step Experience Journey
Catered Lunch
Team Activity
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Haig Atamian has been in the printing industry for over 50 years. His technique and thought-process is ahead of cutting edge technology, allowing him to anticipate the future of print and help develop patented processes. He has won countless awards in print production, paper engineering, and has overcome the impossible with difficult designs that have not been done before. A true artisan of printing, Haig now teaches his craft to new generations of printers, focuses his time on developing advanced manufacturing techniques for great efficiency and cost-savings reductions. Not only a craftsman, but a businessman, Haig holds an honorary MBA from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and has been asked to speak at conferences, universities, workshops and webinars to teach in various difference printing, manufacturing & business topics.

haig Atamian . Guest Speaker @ International Graphic Communication Week at Cal Poly Pomona SLO
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